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posfly active transactions and points

A new kind of Point of Sale.

Build better business relationships with your customers by getting to know what they like and rewarding them for the way they interact with you.

Posfly is now in beta.

A complete POS solution for your business

Point of Sale Inventory / Catalog Orders Online Analytics Loyalty program complete pos

swap_horiz Point of Sale Know your customers

Get to know who your top customers are and what products they like.

Welcome them like they are regulars and... maybe... just maybe... that helps make them become one.

posfly active transactions view
happy people using posfly
posfly active transactions view

loyalty Points Reward their loyalty

More than half of the people that visit your business never returns.

That sucks!

Keep new customers coming back by rewarding them with points for their purchases that later they can exchange for products and special offers.

Special features for your type of business

From coffee shops to clothing stores, select a category to see how Posfly can help you.

Keep track of your business, in real time, from anywhere.

With our web app, you can access your business using any device from anywhere in the world with an internet conection.

cloud_upload Cloud powered by Google’s infrastructure

With our web app, you can access your business using any device from anywhere in the world with an internet conection.

devices Supported on all platforms and devices

Our web based technology, allows you to run the app on any browser in Android, iOS, windows and mac. Our responsive approach also lets you, and your customers, use the app on mobile, tablets and desktops.

store All your businesses in one place

If you have one business, or hundreds, our friendly user interface will allow you to manage all of them easily.

view_quilt Beautifully designed

Our user interface is simple and friendly Allowing you and your team to perfom actions easily and and fast.

update Automatic updates

Our web based technology, allows us to update the platform easily and fast, without you having to re-download or do anything really. You will always run the latest version of Posfly, in all devices.

build More coming soon...

  • Offline Mode
  • Listings
  • Business Galleries
  • Storage Management
  • Reviews
  • Chat With Clients


Posfly will be free for beta businesses forever.

That is right... FOREVEEEEEER.

After our beta program is over, our plans will include all Posfly's features at simple pricing structure to fit every business size and needs.


For one device


Per aditional device, per month


Join our beta program now.